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Rack Accessories
Accessorize your pallet rack units with our selection of pallet rack row spacers, pallet supports in multiple sizes, wedge anchors, two sizes of base plates, rack column protectors, end of row protectors, and guard rails. The post protectors, end of row protectors, and guard rails are all used to protect your investment.  

By adding these accessories to your pallet racking or industrial shelving you are reducing the risk of having to replace damaged material due to human error.  

Base plates are used at the bottom of the uprights to anchor bolt the uprights to the floor. Row Spacers are used to space and brace back to back rows of pallet racking. The pallet supports are used to support a pallet load on the beam levels. Pallet supports can be used in place of wire decking. Please give us a call or fill out our fast quote form to get a quote. 
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