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Here at Pallet Rack Unlimited, we guarantee that we can save you money on your pallet rack purchase.  Our company was founded in 2009 with the goal of saving you and your company money and time.  Pallet Rack Unlimited is a business that believes in honesty and integrity.  We purchase all of our material at the lowest possible price so that we can return the savings right back to you, the customer.  Our customer base consists of companies like Disney World, Circle Racing Wheels, Team Tara, Costco, Southern Moldings, and many more companies.  You can contact any of these companies and organizations to see or hear about the great work we do every day. 
We specialize in a variety of teardrop pallet rack varieties as well as quality pallet racking of all types and sizes.  We can also provide you or your company with all your warehouse and material handling needs. 
We have used forklifts, rolling ladders, cantilever rack, pallet jacks, electric forklifts, order pickers, mezzanines, used metal shelving, drive in racks, push back racks, used conveyors, pipe racks, Interlake racks, tear drop racks, wire decking, and many more products that are not listed here.
We are dedicated to providing customer satisfaction, friendly and helpful service.  With our online services, you can get a fast quote that is based on simple information that is submitted to our quote specialists. Visit our quote page or call us today for the best prices and customer service.
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Not sure what your looking for?  Then call us today!  770.630.1030

 Warehouse Racking
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Pallet Rack Beams
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Pallet Rack Uprights
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Wire Decking
  We have the largest selection of new & used pallet racking in the Atlanta area.  Most of our products can ship with in 48 hours of purchase.  Give us a call today for you fast quote!
  We have over 200,000 new beams & used beams in stock in the Atlanta area and ready to ship out today.  If you want the best quality and selection of pallet rack beams, then give us a call!
  We have over 20,000 pallet rack uprights in stock in the Atlanta area and ready to ship out today.  We have new and used uprights of any style.  Give us a call today for your fast quote!
  We have over 200,000 wire decks in stock.  Wire decking comes in many different sizes.  Our wire decking is ready to ship out today.  Give us a call for your fast quote!
  Cantilever racking is used for storing long material that's not going to fit into normal pallet racking.  We have many different sizes and styles of cantilever ready to ship out.  Call today for your fast quote.
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Design & Layout
  Not sure where to start?  Let us design your warehouse layout.  We can design, layout and do any permitting that may be required by your local government.  Give us a call today if you have any questions.
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We Buy Used Pallet Racking
Get cash on the spot for your used pallet racking.
Don't bother tearing it down, we will do it.
Contact us today for fast removal of your old or unused pallet racks.
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